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Businesses face a more intense and competitive market environment than ever. While many firms have made investment in business development systems and processes they are also reporting they are not producing the the growth they were meant to achieve. Relationology offers a solution to this fundamental business challenge.

Relationology is a unique approach to growing your top-line revenue through the power of client-centric business development. The Grow Your Top-Line™ programme is designed around the premise that the true currency of business is relationships not money because buying is always personal, clients may justify their decisions logically, but they buy emotionally – people buy people.

Meet the Relationologists


Matt Bird

Founder Relationologist

Matt is an international keynote speaker, author and broadcaster.

He has spoken in 30 countries to more than 1 million people, authored 10 books including ‘Relationology 101′, writes regularly for The Times newspaper and has also written for the Harvard Business Review.

Matt is the founder of Relationology a unique approach to business growth through the power of client-centric business development and strategic stakeholder relationships.

His charitable work building relational capital in communities has received commendations from successive British Governments and Prime Ministers, most recently for founding Cinnamon Network International.

Matt lives in Wimbledon with his wife Esther and their three children. On many Saturdays you’ll find him at his allotment where he has created a ‘co-operative’ with some other local families mostly to save him from having to do all the digging!

He is a food and wine aficionado who is a well known character on the London restaurant scene. Next time you are looking for somewhere to take a client, a colleague or your partner why not ask Matt?




Economic Relationologist
Esther keeps the Relationology books in order and a close eye on Matt and Alex’s spending, especially when it comes to business lunches!



Support Relationologist
Without Jan, Matt’s diary would be a mess, she ensures Matt’s schedule is well planned and organised whether that’s booking an overseas trip or a busniess catchup lunch.



Social Relationologist
Alice is a Social media genius, she keeps Relationology up to date on social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Matt’s blog!



Confidant Relationologist
Behind every good organisation is a Belinda, she coaches clients and helps provide support and advice to all the Relationologists.


Publicity Relationologist
Eleanor is the latest recruit to Relationology. She works closely with Matt on all publications, articles and columns. She is the worlds greatest proof reader as well as wordsmith expert.

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Sign up to your weekly ‘A Minute with Matt’ containing life-transforming wisdom about relationships & receive your FREE eBook ‘The 7 Behaviours of Highly Effective Relationship Builders’