By: Matt Bird

The 7 Behaviours: Treat Everyone as a VIP

The Park Lane hotel was buzzing as hundreds of guests arrived for the conference. I joined the queue and picked up…

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Amplify your purpose by working smarter, not harder

The sun is shining and everything is well with the world, but not with me… I sat in a restaurant at…

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Amplify your purpose by building a Relationship, not an Organisation

It hardly seems possible that a few years ago I started a charity in my spare time called Cinnamon Network. It…

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Guest Blog: How to train your mind to generate high quality referrals from your relationships

To celebrate the launch of the 2nd edition of ‘How to make partner and still have a life’, Heather Townsend, explores…

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Amplify your purpose by focusing on who knows you, not who you know

My smart phone buzzed in my pocket. It was an email replying to that weeks Relationology Tip. The person introduced themselves…

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Amplify your purpose by saying ‘I will’, rather than ‘I wish’

The summer holiday was ending and we had time for one last family weekend away before everyone went back to school…

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Shifting Stale Relationships: Talk about shared memories

A business entrepreneur was celebrating a special wedding anniversary and wanted it to be an occasion to remember. So he flew his family…

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