Why aren’t you achieving the business growth you would like? Why isn’t achieving the business growth your boss would like?

There would have been a time when offering a high quality product or service combined with reasonable marketing would have been enough to result in a constant stream of new business. Since the economic recession those days have ended and we are living in a whole new world of doing business.

The competitive environment is higher than it has even been. The market place is saturated with providers offering similar products and services to our own and technological innovation is disrupting the market.

So how do you achieve business growth? The true currency of business is relationships not money. Buying is personal so whilst buyers rationalise their choices buying remains emotional. So whether you are in the product or service industry business growth is all about your relationship with customers and clients.

I work in the financial and professional services sector with accountants, investment advisers, bankers, lawyers and consultants. Despite the heavy investment these sorts of businesses have made in sales systems, processes and training they are not achieving the desired return on investment.

The reason that the sales systems, processes and training don’t necessarily deliver business growth is that clients hate to be sold to and ‘networked’ with. People buy people, it is always all about relationships.

So if you want to grow your business it’s all about building a powerful community of relationships. A relational ecosystem of clients, prospects, introducers and referrers.

When delivering Relationology Masterclasses in I encourage people to become more confident about asking the question, “Who do you think I should be speaking to at the moment?” It is an unthreatening question that can draw out a pre-qualified introduction to someone who may need your services.

There are a number of things that hold people back from asking that simple but extremely powerful business growth question. They may believe that their firm doesn’t asked clients that question. The new reality is that growth will only be achieved when firms become deliberate and intentional about building powerful communities of relationships.

The second obstacle to asking the most powerful business growth question is that people don’t believe in themselves as much as they should. Despite our education, expertise and experience we can lack the confidence to ask for an introduction to someone who might benefit from our services.

People working in the financial and professional services sector are some of the smartest people you meet however they can still lack relational confidence. You can be the best accountant, investment adviser or lawyer in your niche but wrestle with moments of self-doubt. The greatest confidence is based upon who you are rather that what you know and I guess that’s why it’s called self-confidence!