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The 7 Behaviours: Understand Others & Adapt Yourself

The top ten UK Estate Agent was hosting their annual conference to discuss that years go to market strategy. Part of…

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The 7 Behaviours: Befriend People Unlike You

A decade ago I met a businessman who like me loves stand out ‘tie and pocket square’ combinations. Instead of inviting…

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The 7 Behaviours: Be Proactive Rather Than Reactive

The Relationology Masterclass had been delivered about three weeks prior and that afternoon I received a telephone call from one of…

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The 7 Behaviours: Build Business Through Referrals

One of the restaurants that I frequent has stunning a location, fabulous live music and brilliant service. Up until recently there…

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The 7 Behaviours: Filter Relationships With Integrity

The day I declared that I was hosting an angel investment network was the day my circle of relationships seemed to…

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The 7 Behaviours: Treat Everyone as a VIP

The Park Lane hotel was buzzing as hundreds of guests arrived for the conference. I joined the queue and picked up…

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Amplify your purpose by working smarter, not harder

The sun is shining and everything is well with the world, but not with me… I sat in a restaurant at…

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