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Matt Bird is a world class conference speaker and expert about how to grow your top-line through the power of client-centric business development. He will inspire people to believe that they can achieve what they may never have achieved before and leave them with the practical strategies, tools and techniques needed in order to see immediately new results.

  • ‘Networking’ and ‘sales’ approaches to business development leave the majority of trusted advisers, let alone clients, stone cold.
  • Buying is always personal, clients may justify their decisions logically, but they buy emotionally.
  • Building confident peer relationships with economic buyers, regardless of your comparative position, experience and knowledge is essential.
  • Developing highly effective client relationships strengthens competitive advantage and market differentiation.
  • Understanding the deepest felt needs of clients, rather than blindly pitching determines whether a client will buy now, buy soon or buy later.
  • Matt has a very strong track record having been a conference speaker in more than 30 nations to 100,000s of people, for some of the worlds biggest brands.
  • He is unparalleled in his field of expertise about growing revenue through client centric business development.
  • He is a charismatic communicator who both imparts valuable content and insights that are immediately actionable and the self-belief that you can achieve even greater results.

Here’s a taster of Matt in action as a conference speaker

Relationology is a unique approach to growing your top line through the power of client centric business development.



Nice Things People Say

  • Matt was chosen to be the keynote speaker at our leadership conference based on… the quality & depth of his message on relationships… his ability to intentionally provoke discussion & debate… his attention to detail in being able to meet the demanding ‘client brief’. A great… speaker… message…  & feedback from the delegates.

    Tony Eastaugh
    Strategic Director at Home Office Immigration Enforcement
  • Matt knows how to… grab an audience at the outset… keep people listening. He is a great communicator… clear concise… injecting plenty of humour… you are benefiting from a lifetime of experience… underscored by a self-deprecating anecdote. I can guarantee that everyone will learn something new and useful.

    Office of General Counsel at PwC

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