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Financial and professional services firms face a more intense and competitive market environment than ever. While many firms have made investment in business development systems and processes they are also reporting they are not producing the the growth they were meant to achieve. The Relationology CollectKeepGrow™ programme is a unique approach to business development focused on building client-centric relationships that grow your top-line.

The CollectKeepGrow™ programme helps businesses grow their top-line through the power of client-centric business development.


Buying is always personal, clients may justify their decisions logically, but they buy emotionally – people buy people.


Building confident peer relationships with economic buyers, regardless of your comparative position, experience and knowledge is essential.


Developing highly effective client relationships strengthening competitive advantage and market differentiation.


Building authentic relationships rather than ‘networking’ and ‘selling’ which leave the majority of trusted advisers, let alone clients, stone cold.


Understanding the deepest felt needs of clients, rather than blindly pitching determining whether a client will buy now, buy soon or buy later.


Developing new approaches for business growth through winning new business, increasing the value of current business and strengthening stakeholder relationships.

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Relationology is a unique approach to growing your top-line through the power of client-centric business development.


Nice Things People Say

  • I have worked with Matt Bird on the Relationology programme over the last twelve months & he has really helped me to focus on building new, sustainable & hugely valuable relationships with my clients. This is critical to our business & how we differentiate in a very competitive market.

    Global Relationship Partner
  • Matt has a remarkable combination of… warmth… humour… and authority… his audiences absorb & internalise his valuable content… while having a great time! I recommend Matt as a speaker to any business or organisation seeking to increase its financial & emotional capital!

    Managing Partner
    Law Firm

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