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In a marketplace saturated with providers, where regulation is challenging business models and technology is commoditising core business, it is relationships that provide the ultimate differentiator and competitive advantage.

The Relationology Grow Your Business™ Masterclass programme helps very clever people to be as smart about their client relationships in order to drive revenue growth.

The Grow Your Business™ Masterclass contains twelve modules that can be delivered over two full days or a series of half days…


Generating a constant stream of prospective client relationships without having to ‘network’ or ‘sell’.


Keeping your personal and corporate brand ‘front of mind’ with your prospects and clients so you sell without selling.


Understanding the laws that govern how you collect, keep and grow relationships


Driving innovation, engagement and performance through the power of intentional diversity.


Developing and maintaining professional confidence enabling high performance.


Increasing your personal likability, presence and impact in every client encounter.


Keeping in contact with everyone you know and yet prioritising your key relationships.


Building stronger interpersonal rapport and genuinely knowing your clients.


Coming back stronger from a set back and strengthening your ability to always bounce back.


Building deeper trust with clients and establishing trusted advisor relationships.


Understanding yourself, your clients and adapting your approach to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Achieving what your client wants and what you need through influence rather than manipulation.

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Relationology is a unique approach to growing your top-line through the power of client-centric business development.


Nice Things People Say

  • Matt was our keynote speaker for a series of Growth Forums where he introduced delegates to Relationology tools and thinking. He engaged throughout, giving our Advisers frameworks and relevant examples that questioned, inspired and motivated them around their own prospect strategy plans. Matt’s charismatic enthusiasm for deepening client relationships resonated well with us and received positive feedback from Advisers across our business. Thank you!

    Richard Buxton
    Director of HR at Brewin Dolphin
  • The Relationology Masterclass was exceptional and Matt is a world class facilitator. He gave us time to discuss personal methods and experiences which was hugely valuable. The content of the Masterclass distilled three main concepts of Collect, Keep and Grow which are simple and practical to implement.

    Craig Sugden
    Head of Private Banking at Investec
  • I have worked with Matt Bird on the Relationology programme over the last twelve months & he has really helped me to focus on building new, sustainable & hugely valuable relationships with my clients. This is critical to our business & how we differentiate in a very competitive market.

    Global Relationship Partner

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Sign up to your weekly ‘A Minute with Matt’ containing life-transforming wisdom about relationships & receive your FREE eBook ‘The 7 Behaviours of Highly Effective Relationship Builders’