I don’t like networking or being networked – perhaps you agree? My dislike for networking and being networked is rather amusing because I am often invited to speak to executive teams, leadership programmes and conferences on the subject of networking. Wherever possible I am delighted to accept these invitations because the subject is fascinating and the impact can be profound. One of the first points I make on the subject is the fact that I don’t like networking or being networked. The worst experiences of networking make one feel like the other person is only talking to you in order to assess whether there is anything useful you might have that they might be able to get. As I teach on my Relationology Masterclass networking can feel shallow, short-term and selfish however the alternative is quite the opposite. Genuine relationships feel meaningful, take a long-term view and are intent on developing mutual benefit. These are the sorts of relationships that contribute to our life happiness and our business success but their motive is altruistic.