Relationology began in 2010 when Matt Bird was invited to speak at a business conference on the subject of ‘networking’ which he declined.

Matt explained to the conference organiser that he hated ‘networking’ because he found it contrived and manipulative. He went on to explain that he believed in building long term authentic relationships. The conference organiser immediately asked Matt if he would speak on that subject and he agreed.

The ‘anti-networking guy’ was not a brand Matt wanted to acquire so he began to think about what he could call the approach to building authentic business relationships. He began to mull over the fact that relationships are a science because we can all learn to do them better and they are an art form because they take a life time to master. As he pondered the art and science of relationships the word Relationology came to mind. He dashed to his computer and searched the Internet to find the word but he couldn’t! So he trademarked the name, purchased the company and bought the web domain – that’s where Relationology began.

Relationology exists to help people grow their business through the power of authentic relationships. ‘Networking’ and ‘sales’ switches the majority of people off because like Matt they find networking inauthentic and believe that sales should be left to sales people. Contrastingly most people believe that authentic relationships both internally with colleagues and externally with clients and suppliers drive business performance.

The Relationologists…

Matt-BirdMatt Bird is the creator of Relationology and an international keynote speaker and author of ‘Relationology 101 Secrets to grow your business through the power of relationships’.

Matt loves collecting and building relationships with people from all walks of life, Campaign Magazine has said, “When Malcolm Gladwell sat at his typewriter and wrote the chapter on connectors in The Tipping Point, he must have just finished a slap-up lunch with Matt Bird.”

His charitable work focused on building relational capital in communities has received commendations from successive British Governments and Prime Ministers, most recently for founding Cinnamon Network which helps churches serve communities in partnership with civic organisations.

Matt lives in Wimbledon with his wife Esther and their three young children. On a Saturday morning you’ll find him at his allotment where he has created a ‘co-operative’ with some other local families mostly to save him from having to do all the digging!

He is a food and wine aficionado who is a well known character on the London restaurant scene. Next time you are looking for somewhere to take a client, a colleague or your partner why not ask Matt?
Alex-CampbellAlex Campbell is Matt’s Business Development Manager and with a background is Psychotherapy, has a passion for developing relationships.

Alex has always been a Relationologist at heart. He has a strong passion for people and making relationships work well regardless of the situations, whether that’s in work or play. He works closely alongside Matt in developing Relationology’s story, spreading the good news that the true currency of business is relationships not money. During most days you will find him in the corner of a bustling coffee shop brainstorming new ideas and ways in which the Collect Keep Grow Programme can be used in business’s of all sizes to develop their working relationships and increase their top line.

His best Relationology attribute would be his objective thinking between Rational and Intuitive thinking – finding the balance with Matt’s big ideas and adding the details needed to make it happen!