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What are your obstacles to business growth?

Why aren’t you achieving the business growth you would like? Why isn’t achieving the business growth your boss would like? There…

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Relationology by Matt Bird
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Memorability: Live Your Personal Brand


From 2000-2004 I served, in my spare time, as a local government councillor in Wimbledon. It didn’t take long after being elected before people jokingly started introducing me as ‘Councillor Bird!’. What did surprise me though, was how long after I had stopped being a councillor that people still introduced me that way, whether it was being introduced at a party or as a keynote speaker…

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Memorability: Bring Your Whole Self To Work


Time management is one of those life challenges that we never graduate from. There are broadly two schools of thought for managing time. The first is focused on trying to achieve a balance of work and life, it requires the compartmentalisation of life between personal, professional and other categories and then the allocation of limited time according to your priorities. The second recognises that there…

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Memorability: Be The Best Possible Version Of Yourself


The one reality TV show I really enjoy is The Voice. The first round of the competition is my favourite where singers perform to a judging panel whose chairs are turned away so they cannot see the contestant and therefore judge them on their voice alone…

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Valuing Values by Matt Bird

Talk about values based leadership and values based organisations is all there rage however values can be rather elusive and meaningless unless they are embodied into relationships. In this blog series I look at four reasons for valuing values…

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Valuing Values Provides A ‘Destination’


‘It is no longer enough – as so many may have been doing for so long – merely for us to operate honestly within a system that has lost its direction. We now need to mould the system itself so that it increasingly reflects the values to which we aspire…

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