For me, it started with the car wash. I was a typical dreaming, scheming 15-year-old kid, and I honestly believed that it would only be a matter of weeks before my car wash empire was ready to consider a possible flotation. 

It turns out I was wrong. Sort of. That particular empire never did make it from dream to reality, but it was with soggy trouser bottoms and a bucket of half-clean water that I met John. I cleaned his car, he handed over the cash. Then we became friends. Then he became my first ever mentor. In time it was John who helped me land my first job.

Most of us have a similar story to tell. The map that shows how we got here today bears the marks of the generosity, belief or effort of those who have supported us. Yes, we have added our skill, hard work and determination, but this has never really been a solo project.

And so the question to all of us today is this: how are you creating excellent opportunities for others?

This is an extract from Matt Bird’s Relationology Masterclass which you can register for by clicking here